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When all else is lost, the future still remains !

Astrology reveals the will of the gods

Astrology is just a finger pointing at reality

Astrologer R.H Soni

Astrologer R.H Soni is the founder of “Advait jyotish Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra” that dedicates itself to solving the complex issues and obstacles of human life in a very simpler ways.

Meet the world-renowned, revered astrologer, Shri R.H Soni Ji. His ancestors were traders of gems which captivated his interest in gemstones when he was a child. However, he has gained an insightful knowledge on gems only after deep study and research while working.

Apart from these he has a very deep knowledge of medicinal plants which he has used to cure poor and backward people. He has also developed seven incense sticks set for each day of the week. These sticks are auspicious and very helpful.

People today are encircled with the burden of troubles and they also have to go through a lot of tough circumstances in their life. These difficulties can be financial, mental, related to family, social, political or related to health as well. If these issues are related to your planet conditions, Astrologer R.H. Soni solves them with his perfect suggestions and simple remedies. All these remedies and solutions are related to our religion which has been utilized by our saints from old times that includes Yantra-Mantra, Dan-Dakshina, Ratna-Rudraksha, Home-havans, Jap-tap, etc.

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Financial solvency is also one of the major ways to judge success.

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40+ Years of Expertise

One Stop Solution

Astrologer R H Soni provides a one stop solution for all the requirements and needs of the Vastu of your house. Our remedies for the removal of these doshas includes performing of pooja’s, placing of yantras and suggestion of crystals. These yantras are required to be placed at the specified locations for the maximum effect. Crystals are suggested according to your horoscope and problems. Visit Astrologer R H Soni for complete solutions to increase your wealth, improve your finances and achieve overall success in your life.

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